Bloat/Content Ratio

You might have noticed i am slightly obsessive over software and even design minimalism, so I wanted to compare my website to 3 other websites from different places in the bloat/content compass. (which i just made up btw)

The websites I wanted to show you and compare are:
stallman.org, k1ss.org and dl.acm.org.
heres the chart:
(it has nothing to do with the politics this chart is associated, it's just a chart)

Content: the point of the website, why you created it, the thing you share with it.
Bloat: Everything else
Now we have to place my site and the 3 websites I mentioned, I was able to extract some nice information and made a spreadsheet.
At this point I realised this whole experiment mostly affects homepages so don't try to apply it to anything else.
If in the bottom-left corner of the compass we place the values 0 bytes and 0 hyperlinks and in the upper-right we place the values 30 megabytes 300 hyperlinks then it should be easy to place the 4 websites in it by eye. And thats the finished chart!, now you can calculate where your homepage is and where you want it to be!, and even easier you can just calculate the bloat/content ratio [bytes / amount of hyperlinks]
My ratio is 207 and k1ss's is 181, the lower the ratio the better but I think anything under 800 is healthy and anything under 400 is sweet as fuck, when I start producing music and add a 'music' section on my homepage the ratio will go down to 172!
Stallman's ratio is 1166, his website is barebones and I think he dosn't know CSS exists but his problem is there is too much inside a single homepage!, the more you add, the harder it is to keep a nice ratio, still I think it's possible and his website could be greatly improved without removing features or hyperlinks. [tried]
acm's website is a catastrophy!!! their ratio is 306122!!! they have to start the whole thing over again!.

Disclaimer: I also wanted to talk about the number of connections and load times and I think these could be added to the equation but it got too long, maybe other day!
Disclaimer2: The whole thing might not make a lot of sense, sorry not sorry.

About Stallman's website: Thing is such a mess god I tried to optimize it but like acm's website he has to start the whole thing again, ran index and css through a minifier, losslessly optimized the images, slightly changed background, text and hyperlinks colors so they are nicer to the eye without modifying the style of his website and modified some other tiny things, if you look at it you probably won't notice a difference at first but the truth is it's 28% lighter (315kb vs 256kb) and when you have the original and mine side by side my version looks nicer, didn't remove any image btw.
Also using a minifier is like cheating because now it's hard to modify and maintain, but the thing was such a mess with random spaces, line breaks and tabs everywhere and I just gave up in cleaning it by hand, without the minifier it probably weights like 3% more.
Even after all that the ratio is still 927 so close but still not a healthy website!