Free Hosting Project

You might have noticed I changed domain, but I changed hosting too, this site is no longer hosted in my basement but on a totally legit hoster. (sort of)

The Free Hosting Project or FHP for short is just another project of KolymaNET, a conglomerate internet and technology company created by Yuri Kuznetsov in 2005, and I must say I am thankful for it, without the FHP, this site probably would still be offline.

I sometimes like KolymaNET and what they do too much, since little I like messing with computers and hosting websites and services and now its hard wanting to host things these guys already do without feeling like a copycat, this is something that has always bothered me and I guess it's kinda dumb, for example when I opened mc.28chan.org (28chan's Minecraft server), and a few weeks later I found out about mc.22chan.org, I was PISSED, its something dumb but it PISSES ME OFFF.

Anyways, thanks to the FHP.