Crypto Webmining =/= Evil!

I got some backlash on the chans (the 4th one) because of a crypto miner on 28chan, now before you jump to conclusions I removed the miner because of other issue, you can inspect element and verify it yourself.
Two or three anons were screaming and bitchin' like the script was killing their mom, but when you stop to think about it, is mining crypto with your users PC bad? If it sounds bad and looks bad it even smells bad, it has to be bad right?
Well in my opinion it isn't, hence why I did it, the way I did it was, if your computer had less than 28% CPU utilization, the script kicks off and uses the remaining un-used % to mine Monero, that way I could assure it won't cause problems like lagging, overheating, fan noise, battery wear, etc, I even self-hosted the script and called it a normal script name (functions.js) so adblock couldn't block it.
The thing was perfect you would never even noticed it unless you inspected element or had an anti-virus, and thats why I deleted it, some anon reported a friend of his couldn't access the website because N*rtonAV wouldn't let him, I don't know if this is true and some day I might install N*rton to see it myself but that moment I lost one possible user.
And despite what some screeching anon said about "you value profit over user-experience, just like a jew" which isn't true at all and if you are one of the OG's from my neocities days you already know this, I have hosted about five Minecraft servers, one still online, some with 200+ players total, never asked or made a dime
I have had three websites, 2 currently online, never made or asked for a dime.

Now some anon mentioned how the whole drama got big when I lied and said it didn't run a crypto miner, and tried to hide it, now, this is true, but I didn't lie because I thought it was a bad thing, I lied because I know what screeching retards anons from 4chan and specially /g/ tend to be, and to be honest I got kinda 'scared', I don't want people to label my website as a virus, because it just isn't and I think my way of making profit is way better than things like banners with publicity and porn, I should have said Yes. and be done with it, I plead guilty to an error on my part.