The Future of 28chan.org

First of all, I wish I knew how to code, I can do basic shit and copy from stackoverflow but thats it.
The year 2023 I will move to Paraguay which means no more server on my bedroom with mom-paid electricity bill, this is in many ways a good thing because it pushes me into VPS/KVM hosting which is just so much more secure.

TinyIB isn't doing it for me anymore, it was written for imageboards with only one board, this means, each board has a separate list of banned IP's, so every time someone breaks a rule I have to go through every one of my 12 boards and ban him, this is really annoying and makes managing a board with high amount of users impossible, theres no overboard either which again makes managing imageboards with more than one board inefficient and time consuming.

My ideal IB software should support SQLite, shouldn't use node.js, shouldn't have many dependencies, should have an archiving system and multi-board moderation + overboard, real-time posting is optional but a nice feature, and it should run 12 boards on a 512MB KVM without any troubles.

Doushio looks nice and is really fun for users but it runs on node.js, has no archival and the way the database works its always loaded on RAM so it would slowly use more and more RAM until it dosn't fit on 512MB anymore, the thing may take a while but its there and bothers me.

TinyBoard it seems cool and like a better TinyIB but it only runs on MySQL which I for some reason hate, a good thing about it is, if for some reason I need more features or in the future a cool fork of vichan comes out, its a direct software upgrade and can keep my database.

Vichan I've heard it has many features over TinyBoard but that also makes it more bloated and the codebase is kind of a mess, many people have used it so its easier to find information and answers about it.

NPFchan I think the main feature it has over Vichan is archiving which is a big one, the development stopped and is some commits behind Vichan.

Bazukinha fork of NPFchan with some fixes that were added to vichan after NPFchan stopped development, it sounds nice and like something I wanted to do myself but using a fork of a fork of a fork of TinyBoard sure sounds funny.

jschan looks clean and has a lot of features + mobile UI, I don't think it supports archiving but it does support users without javascript, it uses 2 different databases and node.js so its a eeehh nah.

nanochan I love this shit, the only thing that kills me is no scrolling mode and when you click an image it dosn't resize it just opens on another tab u.u.

picochan this solves all the things I didn't like about nanochan and adds many features on top of it, the only complaint I have is it has many dependencies and the overall installation process is long and not simple.

Lynxchan fuck that guy.

Meguca LOL no.

Luckily many imageboard software is still being developed, this means things might change, TinyIB might add multi-board moderation and archiving and I could just keep it, 2 years is a lot of time.

[Update 07/12/2020: I will be moving to a VPS before previously planned and will replace my engine with Vichan.]