Losing... Hope?

[Project pretty much dead, read 05112020]

I don't know how to call this, I just want to ramble.
as some of you might know my country is going through a huge crisis, and every day, my dream of getting a car feels a little further, I belive getting one would really turn my life around.

The plan is to get a car before december 2021 and as soon as I turn 17 (legal age to drive here) get a license and if I haven't yet, start preparing for a 1300km roadtrip to Paraguay to see my girlfriend and meet her family, if in the process of preparation I mod my car or do some maintenance I want to film all of it and make videos about my car for YouTube, first videos are going to be pretty boring because, again, I wll focus in basic maintenance so it dosn't break 1200km away from my home, but after I return from that roadtrip, videos will get way more interesting with more performance oriented mods like alloy rims, modified suspension, etc.
I've had this plan for around a year now, it will satisfy my need to create content, and the profits from YouTube can help me in this fucked economy, I even planned some merch designs which are mainly stickers I want to print to put in my car.