The Cheapest Altchan Host?

So I was surfing the web and reading about hosters like I usually do, as always thinking of the 0.91USD/month deal as unbeatable until I found this:
The cheapest hosting plan is 0.67USD per month !!! A homeless person picking coins from the street can afford this host, and judging by its price you might think its shit or only useful for something really small like this blog but no!
The way I think about it is to host half an imageboard really, in average, hosting a single board takes about 5GB when full, this depends on your configuration of course and how many images and what size your users post, hell if everyone posted a 4MB image in a single 300 replies 10 posts per 10 pages board it would reach 120GB, and I tell you half the imageboards out there aren't prepared for that, but thats besides the point.
What I was writing about is fitting a board inside 500MB, because 500MB will go fast with the OS install and other software, you will want to use TinyIB because this is a single board imageboard and TinyIB is the lightest software out there, it only needs PHP and a webserser, select flatfile as database and allow 2MB image uploads + 5 pages instead of 10, add a domain for 0.70USD/month and boom fucking tiny imageboard for like 1.40USD/month
You might also want to consider adding a no image dump threads which many consider low quality and are the worst offenders when you are low on storage.

This is mostly an entry I wrote for fun to see and write what I would do with such a cheap host, this might not be considered practical by many and there are still other hosts under one dollar like [this one], the best part is, if you pull it off, the investment is so low you can actually make profit, not much but its there, this could actually be a plausible plan for a cyber-hobo with access to a library computer, invest 2USD, go once a day to a library to check posts that break the rules, delete them, continue hoboing until next day, you can make from 0.2USD/day easily without that many users and thats 70USD per year without counting the initial investment, not bad.