Downtime & 28chanĀ²

I want to address the two week long downtime of "PVNFU's Dumpster"
this site used to be hosted at my home server without any kind of DoS protection, you probably know what happened now and why I had to shut everything down and move to somewhere else, Thanks to Free Hosting Project for allowing my site to be online yet again!

28chanĀ² is here, but what does that mean?
That means I moved 28chan to a datacenter, replaced the software with a way bigger more feature-rich alternative and used more time to advertise it, I already talked about some of the new thing users and moderators can do on 28chan at 28chan.org/board/news.html plus the addition of three new boards:
/pol/ - Politics
/en/ - General
/p/ - Portuguese

The traffic is around the same as before, many people left because its only natural to be afraid of change and many people joined thanks to publicity.
The software upgrade adds scalability to moderation and makes me able to handle way more users or the same amount more efficiently.
The new server is 25% slower than my home server but I run many other services on my home server where on 28chan's server I only run the webserver software and a Discord bot, which talking about Discord bots, I present to you "28chan bot".
A bot I made myself to detect updates on all 28chan boards though I disabled two of them (/p/ & /s/) because most boards and people on the Discord server speak english, remember 28chan is an english imageboard, /p/ and /s/ are exceptions.
This bot only works on the official 28chan Discord server you might want to join: discord.gg/9Pt4pWbVkQ

The long ago promised /v/ Minecraft server is now online!
mc.28chan.org (survival, cracked, Java)

Another experimental expansion of the 28chan empire is Wiki-XXVIII, which I set up a couple of days ago and barely had time to add some content.
The current aim of this wiki is to document imageboards and imageboard culture, imageboards still online will get each a page on the wiki to talk about their language, which boards it has, what their community and or culture is like, etc, while dead imageboards will still get documented but tagged with 'dead'.
I say 'current' because with time the wiki might expand to other topics related with internet culture.