Fiat 125 Multicarga

[Project pretty much dead, read 05112020]

Shit looks so cash, I've been making a market analysis for affordable RWD cars on my country and thanks to that I found out about the Fiat 125 and the pickup model or 'multicarga'.
It looks so nice, it's tiny, quick and it's pretty advanced compared to other cars of it's time, for example it has disc brakes on the front wheels!

Anyways this entry is to talk more in depth about this specific car and the mods I want to make to it if I end up with one.

Now, if you compare the Fiat 125 Berlina with the Fiat 125 Multicarga, you will notice that despite having the same engine, the Berlina has fourteen! horsepower of advantage, the reasons are:


The Multicarga comes with a Weber 34 DCHE 21 while the Berlina comes with a better Weber 34 DCHE 20 which provides both more fuel and air.

Lower Final Drive Ratio

The Berlina has a lower final drive ratio of 3.9:1 while the Multicarga has a ratio of 4.1:1.


There are some differences in the ignition system specs but they are pretty minimal, still nice to mention.


The Berlina has a compression ratio of 8.8:1 while the Multicarga has a ratio of only 7.7:1!!!
Now I have to figure out how they achieved this if by just making a shorter cylinder head or taller pistons/rods, and then do the same thing they did or swap the parts with a donor engine from a Berlina, my goal is 9:1 compression.

Now, if every one of those mods and changes to match the Berlina engine is done, I should end up around 90hp, 14 over the original 76hp.


^I was able to find 3 versions with different headlights, I guess they all have the same motorization and overall internals but if given a choice I would always aim for the Mirafiori (right) and middle before the left which I guess is the oldest one.
The one on the right I know is the newest one because it has the same headlights as the 125 Mirafiori which has 110hp I believe and a nicer interior, the one in the middle is the base model or first model and the one on the left might actually be a Fiat 1500.
Again, theres lots of guessing but thats what you do when there is no information available.

Other Mods

I would drop or lift it until it had around 19cm of ground clearance just so I can park on the sidewalk which are 18cm high, replace the stock rims and tires with lighter ones on a 195/60R14 setup, 5% wider, 10% less sidewall for a sportier feel and look (still lots of sidewall and traction), mindfully done straight pipe for performance, I will only use copper plugs and sadly not available on my country but lightweight lug nuts would be nice.
A third pair of wheels with 175 60 on 4.5 inch wide 14's for the front in case I run a quarter mile would be nice, in the back I'll run my daily drive 195 60 on 5.5 inch wide 14's.
Wheel horsepower goal: 120+