Suzuki Carry!

[Project pretty much dead, read 05112020]

A week later, again at my mother's house, I missed my dog (Tofu) and needed better internet and focus.
In about sixteen months I will turn seventeen(age required to legally drive on my country) and finally after about a year I decided what car I want!!
I will be getting a Suzuki Carry ST90!!! (or something similar)

It has everything I want: RWD, JDM, cheap, big inside, tiny outside, I just love it.
I am not saying it's the best tiny van out there though, it wasn't my first option.
My first option was the ST100, with a 970cc engine it makes about 50hp, while the ST90 with a 797cc makes about 36hp, around 30% less, but for some reason the ST100's are impossible to get in my country, or maybe they are so good people just don't get rid of them, anyways I guess if some day I score an engine, a swap shouldn't be too difficult, and I whine about 36hp when the ST40 makes about 22hp I heard.
I guess the best tiny van for me would be a Suzuki Super Carry with the F10A engine making fifthy-something horse power, and I would get one, it's not that they are too expensive, it's that they don't even exist in my country.