Change Of Plans

So yeah my plan to get a car before turning 17 is a no, I've been learning more about the laws in Paraguay and to go and live as a legal citizen for more than a year I need to have 5000 USD on a bank account, I have to save every penny I can in the next 2 years and even then if everything goes perfect with work while I finish highschool I can expect up to 2400USD, now, thankfully I'm underage and have adults that give me money and stuff, even if not much it would be around 150 dollars per year so 300 total.

Total I can generate before deadline: 2700 USD
How much I need: 5000 USD

That leaves me with a need for 2300 US dollars, now how the FUCK do I get these, my plan is, as soon as I finish highschool so by december 2022, I take a bus to Paraguay and either my girlfriend parents allow me to stay at their house until I get a job and a place or, I use my 2700 USD to rent something while I search for a job, on 6 months I need to save 2300 USD, I expect minimal wage so 330 dollars per month, this is where the real problem starts, I calculated and with VERY minimal living expenses in a studio apartment my expenses per month would be 250 USD, that would allow me up to 80 USD of savings per month, or 1900 USD on 2 years of extended mercosur agreement which I don't even know if I can work under, that leaves me 400USD short on the absolute best case escenario.
Whatever, I'll see what I do and if god is on my side.

Update 06112020:
I just read marriage is an option, I thought that was just an american thing, I can get a 2 year long temporal precarious citizenship and after a year or so if everything goes well legally marry my girlfriend, in fact I could just go as a vacation and marry her as fast as possible lol but the main problame in this case are her parents, at that place we would have been dating for 3 years, this is less than the average 4.9 years of dating before people marry, so I can see her parents seeing this going too fast and being against it, so if I take a 2 year precarious citizenship the total dating time would be more than 4 years of dating before marriage, in that time they can get to know me and see I'm a good person.
I would still have to get lots of money to maintain myself while I look for a job, but with 1200USD or so I should be fine without counting the bus ticket, this allows me lots of headroom and less stress trying to get a job, in fact, this 2021 I might not work at all, theres no point on working my ass off while studying when I can just save what the adults give me and earn twice as much when I get there.

Looking at the good side of things, if this crazy plan goes well, I will be out of Argentina, with my wife, better life standards and a fucking Mitsubishi Pajero JR

Not into 4x4 trucks but they are widely available there and cheap at around 2500 USD, I would take the bull bar and roof rack off for weight reduction and better aero, see how much I can lower the suspension for better stability and lower center of mass, and replace the stock 205/70/r15 with 215/55/r17x7 + some lightweight rims, run it on RWD and hoon it.
Note: I found many stock wheel configurations on the internet, I don't know if they are all right or which I will end up with, but when I get the car then I will see which rim/tire will fit the best for my configuration.
I've seen people have tremendous amounts of fun on a 30hp Renault 4L, 80hp is plenty, I will look into modifying the engine for more hp too but it's more modern than what I know about and there isn't much information online like for other engines so I'll see when I have it.

Now, ignoring the love and sick japanese cars, is it worth it moving to Paraguay?
Let's see some numbers

Minimum wage$150$330
Cost of living index38.7233.32
Rent index10.389.81
Unemployment rate13.1%5.7%

So just with that you can see how much better of a country and economy it is for me, a person that does not plan on getting tertiary education and that likes minimalism in general, I don't need lots of money, with a small house and some big green space in the back with trees I would be so happy, add maybe 2 used cars (one for me one for my wife), a used quad and a pitbike and that would be it on my big expenses.