Not dead, yet

I haven't wrote here in a while, mainly because nothing important or blog entry worthy happened in my life
I miss my dog, and I miss my girlfriend, it's like I have the perfect life with a nice cute conservative girlfriend and a cute dog I love so much, but they are both far away, one 1300km away, the other 40km, I kinda feel alone at my fathers home, but again I don't feel good in my mothers home with the violence, drugs and all that, recently I started chatting with an old girl friend of mine and she is way nicer now since she broke up with her boyfriend, I know she's probably looking for someone to fuck or some betacuck to comfort her but I dodge all that and she still talks with me and even talked about coming to my house to watch some movie, not Netflix and chill, nothing sexual or nothing that would be considered wrong while in a relationship, I love my girlfriend, I want to marry her, she is the love of my life, but I for real feel alone and have no friends, I would have preferred a guy friend but nothing will happen, I won't let something happen.

oof That was a lot of personal shit and rambling that isn't nice to read, now the good things, yesterday I started learning Lua with Love2D for gamedev, it's the first language I feel like I understand and can use myself without just copying and pasting other people's code, having to use logic to solve a problem or add a feature to my program feels so nice.
I started with a generic top-down 2D zombie shooter just to experiment and learn about the language, my dream goal is an online RPG aimed at players working together, heres a rough list of concepts and features I came up in a 5 minute long brainstorm:

My main inspirations for all of this were blockchains and Minecraft servers, it always bothered me how I wasn't able to see how good or how many resources my server had compared to other servers, not that it mattered anyways because users have full control over them and can easily spawn as many resources as they like in less than a second, this system would use a way so server owners couldn't modify how the server works except maybe changing the name, the description and a personalised flag, I guess I could do this by SHA256 checks or something like that.