Best Cars On The Worst Country

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This is mainly a personal list and notes for me to not get lost.

Current savings: $66 USD

I am still underage so I get money through the year from my adult relatives, by comparing to last years I expect around $200 from adults in 2021, I never expected them to gift me the car as you can see and about half of that comes in december for christmas and my birthday.
This summer I turn 16 and I can finally start throwing my resume to places like McDonalds, I mainly aim for Starbucks as it looks like a way nicer place to work on, you make about $20 less per month but still around $200, allowing me $2400 in a year.

I have about 16 months to accomplish my dream of having a car before turning 17, dosn't sound that bad but my main obstacles are, I live in the worst shithole just before Venezuela and getting a job while being 16 and in a pandemic dosn't look easy.
Nothing is easy I say and still go with my dreams, I have 100 days to build a comprehensible list of attainable cars and write my resume.
Main must haves are:

*Two doors, trucks and I6 engine greatly preferred
And that leaves me with the cars mentioned below:

Chevrolet Chevette
Not that common around here but really cheap, most under 1000USD with the 72hp 1.6 engine.

Dodge/Volkswagen 1500
Pretty common and lots on my budget, I mainly aim for the 1.8 as the 1.6 is slower than a base Peugeot 504, the 1.8 on the other hand is actually quite fast, with a 12s 0-100kmh, which dosn't sound like much but it's probably in the top 3 fastest 0-100 in this list.

Fiat 125
Any except the "familiare", I mainly aim for the Multicarga but it comes with the slowest engine (76hp), I've seen the Multicarga going for around 1000USD.

Fiat 133
The "fast" 50hp ones are rare and expensive with only two published going for 1600 and 3500USD, the slower 34hp ones can go as low as 900USD, they have problems with heat, pretty much a last resort but mainly on this list to trigger inferior Fiat 600 owners with a car cheaper and better in every way.

Ford Sierra
I've seen some nice examples under 2000USD and even a trashed one with a 150hp V6 for 700USD, I will have to look more into it but looks pretty nice.

Ford Taunus Coupe (74-84)
Theres lots of models but they are all pretty fast and nice, the best one is the SP5, comes with a 5 speed manual and a whooping 132hp, the range of prices is wild but the GT 4 speed 122hp model has some listings for 2000, 1500, 1000USD even.

Lada 2107/Laika
Even if shitty the thing is one of the newest cars on this list, most are from 1994 and cost around 1500USD, it has 72hp and goes 142km/h.

Opel K 180
Actually quite rare but the three I found for sale were all really cheap, 86 ponies.

Peugeot 404
Wide range of prices, some as low as 650, 850USD, 72-85hp with the slower one going 149km/h, shifter in the steering column is a negative for me.

Peugeot 504 Pickup
Why not the sedan? ugliest car booty I've seen, luckily for me the pickup model fixes this by cutting the car in half and leaving the nice looking one, I aim for the 77hp '1.9' (1796cc actually) petrol engine, most are over my budget but I've seen some for 1800USD.

Peugeot 505
Sadly the models with V6's are rare, I couldn't find any but the 2.2L I4 are pretty common and come with 115-178hp for around 1300USD.

Toyota Celica (77-81)
The big majority are way off my budget but I saw at least 5 under 2000USD, I have something for old Toyota's.

Other possible options if really cheap/available:

Chevrolet 400
Most are out of my budget, they all come with an I6 106-155hp, on this section because of the horrible MPG.

Chevrolet Chevy 230
A faster and cooler 400 with even worse MPG, but GOD that 3.8L I6 has to sound godly, 13 sad MPG, I saw one for 1700USD.

Fiat 600S
Expensive, slow and overheating, I could consider getting one if under 800USD.

Ford Falcon Max Econo
Yes, only the Max Econo, it's one of the latest models and I6 26MPG 106hp sounds pretty good, for comparison, the Chevy 400 has an I6 with 106hp too but only 17MPG, the 4 speed manual was an optional but a must for me, I could get one with 3 speeds and change it later though. Why on this section? It's pretty rare so don't consider it a real option, but I have faith.

Suzuki Carry
Actually pretty cheap, it's just because of the height of my sidewalk I can't lower it and I won't feel confident in such a top heavy vehicle, still if there is one for under 1000USD without rust I would look into it.



Youtube: How to three on the tree manual column shifter.
Compare tire/rim combinations.
Recommended tire dimensions for specific rim dimensions.
Facebook page of a rims manufacturer.
Performance parts.


[This section will be open when I reach 200USD in savings]


If the car is on this list it's because I've seen multiple street legal (EVERY paper needed to transfer it to my name and drive it completely legal) non-trashed (working engine and not a lot of rust) samples under 200k pesos. (all of these apply unless stated otherwise)

The fastest roads on my country allow for 130km/h so if the car already goes 140+km/h my main focus will be acceleration, if I can trade max speed for acceleration, I will, if the government wants to limit your speed then drag race when the light turns green.
I will also lower/lift the car until it has 19cm of ground clearance, to be able and get over any sidewalk (sidewalks are 18 fucking centimeters high here).
My main goals are sub-18 seconds quarter mile and 140+km/h, souldn't be too hard.

Please understand some quick mods like replacing the 20lb steel rims with 10lb aluminum alloy ones can make wonders on a sub-200hp engine