That word defines most of my life, in some ways it may be nice to never do things half-assed and always try your best with the tools you have.
But in other ambits it sucks not being able to ever stop thinking about something even if it's something mundane like what rim/tire size I want for a truck I don't even know if I want. (been three days thinking about it nonstop, haven't stopped yet but one of the strongest paths in my mind tight now is just going stock size LOL)

I had another fight with my mother, I am at my dad's house right now so yeah shitty internet.
Been thinking about which car I want, I made a whole post about how I was set on getting a Suzuki Carry but overthought it a little more and now I am thinking more about the Peugeot 504 pick up, it's about twice as expensive and has an engine x3 the size so yeah maybe not the best financial decision but fuck my garage ruined all my plans, my plan was to get a Suzuki Carry ST90 and address the issue of high center of mass mainly by lowering the suspension, but to get to my garage I have to get over a 18cm sidewalk so I can't have less than 18cm clearance which is way more than my plans of 8-10cm, now, on a pickup, 19cm of clearance (my current plan) looks quite low and sporty.
Thats basically it, I want the one with a 1.9 77hp petrol engine, somehow get it to 80hp, lower it, put lighter alloy rims, a lighter steering wheel and straight pipe or cat delete.