Sometimes Life Is Good

I am at my fathers house spending time with the family so don't expect a lot of content, I may make some, I might just not.
Here the internet is horrible with 6 persons, 200kbit of download and 50kbit of upload (yes, 50 kilobits).
And today i noticed i didn't use my PC in almost all day, from 11 until right now 19, that's 8 hours straight without turning ON my computer, today i learnt how to play part of the happy birthday song on my bass (is my cousin's birthday) and just spent time talking and playing with my dad, my little sister and my grandparents.
I don't know it might sound dumb or unimpressive but i just wanted to share that.

By the way, despite most websites taking about a minute to load, every page on my website loads in about 1 second lol.